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"My Heart" is the 12th track on Christina Aguilera's album Bionic, and is the Intro track for "All I Need "

The intro proceeds into the beginning of the track, "All I Need", which features Christina's son being encouraged to "sing like Mommy".

Music VideoEdit

Christina Aguilera - 1200:20

Christina Aguilera - 12. My Heart Intro Max Liron Bratman (Deluxe Edition Version)


[Jordan:] Papa?

[Background:] (Are you going to sing us a song, Max?)

[Jordan:] Sing papa, sing Hu-hu! Sing

[Max:] Da?

[Jordan:] Yeah, show me how you sing like mommy

[Max:] Ha-ha Mamaaa!

[Background:] (Very good!)

[Jordan:] Good job

Trivia Edit

  • "My Heart (Intro)" is one of two songs to have Max's vocals on the track.

Image GalleryEdit

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