This article is about the singles, albums and other charted songs by christina aguilera.


List of singles that Christina Aguilera was feautured in or was the main artist.

List of singles in orded of release dateEdit


Genie in a bottle

The christmas song (chestnuts roasting on an open fire)

What a girl wants

I turn to you

Just be free

Come on over baby (all I want is you) With Pero me acuerdo de ti

Nobody wants to be lonely

Lady marmalade

Falsas esperanzas

El ultimo adios (the last song)

What's going on




Can't hold us down

The voice within

Hello (follow your own star)

Car wash

Tilt ya head back

Somos Novios (It's impossible)

Ain't no other man


Tell Me


Slow down baby

Oh mother


Genie 2.0

You are what you are (Beautiful)

Keeps gettin' better

Not myself tonight


You lost me

I hate boys


Show me how you burlesque

Moves like Jagger

Your body

Just a fool

Feel this moment

Hoy tengo ganas de ti

We remain

Say something


List of albums in order of recoredingEdit

Just be free 


An album recorded when she was 13 and 14.

Chirstina Aguilera

[[Christina Aguilera (album)|
Christina Aguilera (7)

Her most successful album selling over 17 million copies worldwide.

Mi reflejo

A spanish album with spanish versions of songs from Christina Aguilera and new spanish songs.

My kind of Christmas

My Kind Of Christmas Standart Version Christina Aguilera My Kind Of
Her first Christmas album.

No songs were new, they were all just covers of Christmas classics.


220px-Christina Aguilera - Stripped
Her album promoting her new image.

Justin & Christina

Jtca ep

Justin & Christina

An albu used to promote their tour together.

There were 6 six songs on this album, 2 were remixes of Fighter and Beautiful, 2 were reixes of two Justin Timberlake's songs and two were brand new songs.

Back to basics

220px-B2B Official Album(HQ)

An old shool jazz themed album with a pop twist.

Keeps gettin' better: A decade of hits

Christina Aguilera - Keeps Gettin' Better- A Decade Of Hits - CD-DVD SET-451365
A greatest hits album.


4470954449 3b1eb9d52d o
Christina's most controversial album.

Burlesque Soundtrack

Burlesque Soundtrack Cover
Soundtrack to Christina's film debut.


Christina Aguilera Lotus album cover

Newest release.

Other charted songsEdit

Songs that have not been released as singles but still gained a position in charts.

Title                                                           Top postion                                                      Place(s)

Walk away                                                        35                                                               Denark

Lift me up (live version)                              125 & 183                                                        US & UK

Bionic                                                                66                                                                  US

Castle walls                                                 105 & 99                                                      US & Canada

Baby, it's cold outside                                        92                                                              Canada

Let there be love                                                1                                                              US Dance

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